About this site

My Name is Eugen Eugê Ruppert and this is my photoblog. I am a Computational Linguist and Web Designer in Oelde/Heidelberg and like to experiment with different kinds of pictures and the related picture styles. I like taking big panorama pictures, even though the sheer size (50+ megapixels) and amount of details cannot be fully shown in this photoblog. I like taking bracketing shots and put them together for one exposure. But I do not like the «extreme HDR» style and tend to do softer blending/enfusing of the different exposures. Besides photography, I like making music, run or swim, read many books and enjoy videogames.


Canon ESO 20D
Canon EFS 17-85mm, Zoom
Canon EFS 60mm, Macro
Canon Speedlite 580EX II


  • Mail: euge (at) my-skies.com
  • Twitter: @Eugen
  • Additional contact information is at my blog.

Favourite Picture Themes


  • Pixelpost.org - This is the application that (slightly modified) runs this photoblog.
  • Euge.de - My Blog and general site.
  • AFA-Band.de - My band's homepage.
  • Meister-Design - A page of a young goldsmith. Exquisite rings and earrings.